3) Pricing policy

Introduction to our pricing policy

We seek to be extremely competitive on price. We are mindful we work for the charitable sector and  every pound you spend on support services is one less for service delivery. That is why our outsourcing and support services are designed to help you achieve your charitable objectives whilst also saving costs, improving quality and delivering performance. However we do also have to respond to market prices and cover our own very low costs. We will confirm our charges prior to commencing work so that you are clear about budget expenditure planning.

Initial contacts

These are free and involve telephone or SKYPE conversations or emails about what your requirements are and how we can assist. This does not include any arranged meetings which involve travel and meeting time. These are charged at either hourly rate (including travel time) unless part of an agreed fixed price for a job.

Free advice & information

We are happy to give some assistance to new or very small charities as part of our commitment to the sector. This is entirely free and without obligation or liability on our part. This is part of our culture to be open and friendly.

No win –No fee   

We are prepared to undertake this type of work depending on your circumstances, preferences and likelihood of success. Some work is suitable for this type of agreement while other is not. We will come to a decision following an evaluation of the task and time involved.

Hourly rates

If we work at an hourly rate this covers all time spent on your work including attending meetings, correspondence, advising, research, travelling and administrative requirements etc, depending on the nature of services provided.

Fixed price

We are happy to quote against a fixed specification (or indeed help you construct one) on basis of `job & finish` or `post job` support if required. This type of work has benefits to you as the price /budget is fixed for our in-put but may not include disbursements (see below).


Our rates do not (unless agreed in advance) include disbursements (other party’s fees or expenses), travel costs or printing/postage costs etc although we are willing to give an estimate if requested. If work requires in-put from other specialist we will contact you with 3 quotes from them.

Retained service

We believe this represents exceptional value for money and details are on this website. We raise our charges at RPI per annum on 1st January.


We will send monthly invoices unless otherwise agreed. These are payable in full upon delivery. We reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 5% above base rate from the date of the Invoice to the date of the payment on accounts which remain unpaid after 28 days. We reserve the right to claim interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1988.

If our Invoices are not paid when due we reserve the right to take any action we consider necessary including ceasing to work on your behalf, terminating our engagement, retaining any papers, taking any steps to recover costs outstanding.

It costs nothing to talk to us. Our conversations are in the strictest confidence and covered by both our confidentiality agreement & Terms of Business as displayed on this website.Please call John Brennan on 01803852270 or email john@caracommunity.co.uk.