5) Policies and procedures

To achieve charitable funding an organisation requires a robust set of policies and procedures which are regularly updated.We can provide this services as shown below and add to it as new legislation impacts upon the services or products you provide.

Cara Community Services – Main Policies Checklist


1) Trustee New Member

2) Trustee role Induction

3) Trustee Code of Conduct

4) Trustee Secretary-JD

5) Trustee Chair-JD

6) Trustee Treasurer-JD

7) Trustee Conflict of Interest


8) Financial Management & Standing Orders

9) Business Continuity, risk management & emergency planning

10) Financial Control


11) Equal Opportunities

12) Complaints

13) Confidentiality

14) Health & Safety

15) Safeguarding Children

16) Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

17) Whistle-blowing

18) Volunteer Policy

19) Training & Development

20) Eco –checklist

It costs nothing to talk to us. Our conversations are in the strictest confidence and covered by both our confidentiality agreement & Terms of Business as displayed on this website.

Please call John Brennan on 01803852270 or email john@caracommunity.co.uk.