Social Enterprise

Cara community services, the nonprofit sector & social enterprise

In the `Age of Austerity` we recognise Social Enterprise as the only viable response to the shrinkage of Public and Charitable Sector resources. We believe that by boosting Social Enterprise activity a positive contribution will be made to mitigating the impact of these cuts upon our communities.

Social Enterprises are businesses trading for social and environmental purposes where profits are re-invested towards social purposes. There are 62,000 in the UK contributing £24B to the economy employing circa 800,000 people (from 2005-7 annual survey of small business).

Cara Community services seeks to save costs, improve quality and deliver performance for the nonprofit sector by providing new projects and outsourcing and support services as detailed on this website. We are keen to work with other Social Enterprises . We believe that the key issue is the raising of new resources whilst maximizing the efficiency of the resources already in place. We are committed to the purpose of the nonprofit sector in improving and enriching society rather than just solely generating material wealth. We also recognise that the generation of new resources such as new or refurbished buildings is material wealth but of social benefit.

We are committed to the social enterprise model.Although not a legal definition `social enterprise` has been defined as a business that:-
-Operates primarily for social (including environmental) purposes
-Where trading is a main source of income (eg. sales,rental income,services etc)
-The `surplus` or `profit` (if any) is primarily invested for the social purpose in the business or community in which trading is the main source of income.

The need for social enterprises will grow in response to the `Austerity Agenda`. It is part of what is referred to as civil society, the third sector, the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS), the not-for-profit sector, the charity sector, the social sector etc. It is made up of many different categories of activity affecting many aspects of society. The various terms are used by different people to include different combinations of activity. Overall the third sector indicates its positioning; that is it sits between government (the public sector) and the private or commercial sector.

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