2) Management Support -Transformation -responding to the cuts in resources

Transformation change is now a necessity not a luxury

Small and medium charities face challenging times. Public sector resources available in the next 5 years will decline and competition for contracts and charitable funding increase. Transformative changes are required for both asset based income or contract /charitable funded organisations.

Already the impact is beginning to show upon registered housing associations and support agencies with rent reductions, welfare reform changes, the NHF’s voluntary Right to Buy proposals and no developers section 106 obligation for social rent but discounted purchase instead. The new rent requirement of 1% annual reduction per year for 4 years starting in April 2016 may well result in organisational income reductions of 15%- 20%.

Among Care and contract based organisations often dependent upon low paid staff there are a range of challenges including impacts from the `Living Wage` to acute labour shortages due to the demographic time-bomb.

The 2015 November spending review has affected all `unprotected` departments many of which provide grants to the charitable sector. Many organisations will respond by scaling back activities but `tinkering` is unlikely to deliver the required efficiencies. Organisations will need a detailed review of the current operating model, review its fitness for purpose and decide what Operating Model you need for the future. This includes looking at; how your organisation is structured, what resources you have available, the processes you operate, what services you are going to provide, how and what you can procure, what outsourcing has to offer, how customers access your services, how you can make best use of technology etc. Becoming more efficient, as well as being more effective is no longer an option it is a survival strategy. We will work with organisations researching both needs, devising strategies, launching initiatives and providing training as required.

We can provide a tailor made package for you organisation, arrange specific training or simply discuss the issues please contact us. Our discussions are free and as always confidential. Please contact John Brennan on 01803852270 or email john@caracommunity.co.uk.