Management Support Services



Cara Community Services Ltd (CCS) provides a range of management support services and new projects to ensure you operate with maximum efficiency,effectiveness and economy. In the charitable and social enterprise sectors we focuses on saving costs,improving quality and delivering performance for small and large charities, social and environmental non profit enterprises. This ensures that the limited resources available are use to maximum effect for both funders and local communities.

We provide a tailored service working within the health, housing, care and environment sectors. Our specialism is mixing public,private and charitable resources.This creates, maintains, improves or develops new or existing services. We also seek to raise new resources or maximise existing resources where required.

 We offer ways of saving your costs

We seek to achieve savings of circa 25% against demonstrable current costs.This is at a time when all organisations are facing income reductions but the needs are increasing.

On Management Support Services we provide a range of low cost services which meet statutory obligations. Many of these are on a `no win-no fee` basis. We provide cost effective emergency services,interim mnagement and business turnaround etc. Our retained service package provides exceptional value for money for small and medium size charities or social enterprises.

We provide a `one stop` shop for different charitable organisations. We cover finance, fundraising, human resources, property and asset management, new build development & renovation, care services, health and safety services, staff training, welfare training and suport services etc.

We specialise in raising new resources and mixing funding streams to allow organisation to grow or survive. We have an in-depth understanding of private finance and the public /voluntary sectors. We can seek finance for specific projects or new services on `no win-no fee` basis.

We take pride in our services as:

We are an ethical business. We recognise that confidentiality is a key issue for our customers and therefore we do not parade identities or boast of our successes.

We are a problem solving organisation. We are innovative. We are a cost effective solution to overcoming temporary or long term problems, barriers to change, growth and good performance. We update ourselves on a regular basis with regard to legislative changes,best practice and new challenges passing on our experience to our customers.

We are interested in working in partnership.From small local groups to national governments sharing knowledge and experience to develop or improve services which benefit communities across the UK and wider world.We seek long term relationships with our customers.

There is no cost for talking to us. Our conversations are in the strictest confidence and covered by both our confidentiality agreement & Terms of Business as displayed on this website.Please call John Brennan on 01803852270 or email

CCS is incorporated at companies House (for England & Wales, Company number 7556853 under the Companies Act 2006).