1) Research & Innovation

Innovation & Research

At Cara Community Services we recognise that the on-going reductions in current and future public expenditure means that the not for profit sector faces seismic shifts in our operating environment. We need to address these new challenges and the opportunities created. We need to address difficult questions about what these changes mean for our respective organisations services and products.

Whilst available resources decline, needs rise in housing, social care, health and the environment underpinned by global drivers .These drivers include population growth , migration, air, sea and land pollution, new diseases, and  economic crisis just to name a few.  The outcomes are likely to be greater diversification and consolidation, as organisations merge, establish new partnerships or share service delivery.

The traditional ways of doing business are no longer capable of meeting the needs of our customers. Innovation is not the solution to all the challenges we face but the current uncertainties make innovation essential. Much of the private sector depends upon market research to understand customers. In the charitable and voluntary sectors we are going to have to copy to respond.

Our world is becoming smaller with `smarter` services changing the way people conceive of and deliver products and services – from healthcare to education to transport – charities reliance on elderly databases and antiquated technology seems increasingly unsustainable.

All of that will bring with it new ways of gaining insight into the expectations and needs of those who utilise, rent, lease or buy our services. Understanding and driving change in our social and environmental businesses must go beyond the benchmarking and survey-based comparisons of yesteryears.

At Cara we focus on understanding value generation in social businesses, data-led approaches to understanding customer satisfaction, and technology-led innovation. One example of this is our work in the `Passivehause`  (See `Housing `  and Scroll down ). This Innovation product demonstrates just one of the environmental gains the new technology has to offer. More encouraging are the exciting opportunities to redefine how we deliver our businesses and product innovation. New digital changes are occuring all the time and have re-forged the customer expectations in how to access services and products from us.

Our world will continue to transform itself driven by major economic,social,environmental forces beyond our individual control. What we can do to survive and prosper is constantly change ourselves. At Cara Community Services we are here to help you on that journey providing research,knowledge,experience and innvoation to help your organisation succeed.

For further details please contact John Brennan on 01803852270 or email john@caracommunity.co.uk. Our conversations are free and confidential.