Research Services


search Research and intelligence gathering is vital to the running of a successful small or large charity or social enterprise operating in a competitive environment. Yet it is surprising how many organisations are unaware of basic sources of information, update themselves on legislative changes or spot opportunities to gain resources or expand the business.

We believe in robust research to support any business, reduce risks, undertake a range of new initiatives or make critical management or service decisions. In this way even a small organisation that is `intelligence led` can out-perform much larger organisation despite limited resources.

We gather intelligence on a daily basis. Our range of contacts also feed into our understanding of the environment. We have a number of notable researchers who are able to conduct specific projects for us. We can provide both quantitive and qualitive research to support your funding applications or strategy.

We recognise that good information is the key to maintaining a successful business allowing you to access new resources or rapidly become aware of policy or legislative changes. We therefore can keep you well informed reviewing data to ensure you have what matters most to your service.

It costs nothing to talk to us. Our conversations are in the strictest confidence and covered by both our confidentiality agreement & Terms of Business as displayed on this website.

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