2) Head hunting new staff

Introduction to Head hunting

At Cara Community Services we always seek to ensure your senior positions are filled with the best people. Advertising may be suitable for a junior role but for senior personnel it is a false economy because candidates responding to advertised roles usually fall into one of three categories: unqualified, unemployed or unhappy. There is a better way of attracting high-calibre candidates to create value for your organisation in the long-term.

Associated costs of advertising for senior staff

When seeking senior staff generic role descriptions maximises responders. However searching through lots of poor quality candidates is rarely a productive use of time. Advertising can be expensive but you do not always get the best quality of candidates.

Why is headhunting any different?

Working with Cara Community Services to identify potential candidates is an entirely different process. We have an in-depth understanding of the roles and responsibilities undertaken by senior staff across all functions up to CEO and Board level.

We use our knowledge and contacts and unlike advertising, our direct recruiting is a highly targeted, bespoke service specific to your unique needs. We will take the time to fully understand your requirements. We establish the precise skills, experience and track-record you’re looking for, then identify people that match your brief from the relevant sector.

Professional headhunting is a highly skilled methodology and the ability to tactfully approach senior people and ultimately persuade them to leave their existing position. It’s a challenging task, but the rewards are usually worth it as the candidates identified through headhunting are always talented, fulfilled, experienced, and possessing a proven track-record of success. The benefits of headhunting are therefore two-fold – you recruit people with the expertise to hit the ground running and add value from day-one, and you bring on board people who are ready to commit to your mission and add greater long term value.

But isn’t headhunting more expensive than advertising?

Head-hunting can cost more than advertising. But if the main objective is to identify and attract high-quality candidates then head hunting is a clear winner. Even so, it’s important to understand the various options available.

In “retainer headhunting” you only pay Cara Community Services part of the fee up-front and instructs us to source a candidate that matches a specific profile. The remainder of the fee is usually split into additional payments at 30 and 60 days after initial instruction.

In “contingency headhunting” the fee only becomes payable to Cara Community Services once the individual has joined the company. In both retainer and contingency headhunting, the fee is based on the candidate’s salary package between 20% – 30% according to our pricing structure.

Although the cost of headhunting can be higher than advertising, the value to you is usually far greater. Using advertising to recruit for senior level roles is almost always a false economy because the vast majority of applications come from people who do not necessarily match your requirements. Alternatively you often receive applications from candidates who are uncomfortable in their existing role.In contrast those candidates identified by us will have been selected because of their particular expertise and their track-record of delivering results. They create immediate impact.They have made a conscious decision to move to advance their career and their motivations can be very different from someone who is simply looking for another job.

In conclusion we believe that at Cara Community Services employing us produces better qualified candidates who are more focused on delivering results. Plus the end result is achieved rather more efficient – as identification of candidates focuses on quality rather than quantity.

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