Quality Marks

Many funders now require organisations to demonstrate that they are providing a `quality service`. One recognised way to demonstrate this is by attaining a recognised `Quality Mark` recognised throughout the voluntary sector.

Depending on the service you are delivering there are a variety of recognised comprehensive set of quality standards such as `Investors in People`, CHAS , or PQASSO which aim to improve and demonstrate continuous improvement. When competition for funding is becoming fierce it is becoming a `must have` funding benchmark for both public procurement and charitable funding and therefore widely used by 3rd sector organisations both small and large.

We can assist you offering a flexible approach to quality improvement alongside a systematic look at what you do based on self assessment and improvement planning according to available resources. Some organisations use us as a reference tool, some as a health check, or as a means of achieving greater funding. We can also advise once a review is completed which Quality Mark is most applicable and detail a programme to acquire and maintain it.

Our approach
Our approach i
nvolves people within the organisation at all levels in a working group making judgements against requirements ; identifying strengths and areas for improvement; agreeing and implementing an action plan. Our time-frame will depend on the commitment of key people; level of resources; the amount of existing good practice and speed of actions etc. It should become part of how the organisation operates rather than a drag on resources.

We believe that the journey is as important as the destination as you become a learning organisation; develop effective communication; put service delivery at the heart of the organisation; value staff and volunteers; value diversity and demonstrating those values.

Depending on the type of organisation you are our approach also links into both Homes & Communities Regulatory Standards or Care Quality Commission Standards providing evidence of compliance.

Most important of all there is a wide range of addition benefits in using our system including; stakeholder involvement both internally and externally; defining organisation purpose and activities leading to better planning; better quality of services for users as a result of feedback; more efficient & effective organisational systems and procedures by reviews; better communication & motivation by bringing people together; challenges established ways of working motivating people to make visible progress.

For further information please contact John Brennan on 01803852270 or email john@caracommunity.co.uk. Our conversations are free and in strict confidance