1) Outsourcing HR needs

Outsourcing and future needs 

A universal truth is `things do change`. Wise trustees and senior management should be looking to find alternative ways such as outsourcing to meet future human resource needs.

Thinking strategically about human resource procurement  `mix` for repetitive tasks or one off projects and new initiatives makes sense. It can safe both costs and contractural committments which the small and medium size organisation cannot afford at this time of austerity. The failure to plan will result in organisation`s losing a large cost saving opportunity over a short timeframe.

In the uk the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) states that over 30% of the UK’s current workforce are over 50 years old. As the majority of these people retire a vacuum will be created. In social and health organisations there are over 1.5 million workers over the age of 50. A Confederation of British Industry report expects to see over 410,000 construction workers retire within the next five years. There are problems ahead.

All this leads to the inevitable conclusions that the charitable and social sector may experience difficulties in maintaining a sustainable workforce over the next decades. There are many ways in which organisations can meet this looming crisis. Both Charities and Social enterprises will need to  maintain the key functions and services. Some will respond with better remuneration packages or flexible working etc all of which will be expensive in an age of reduced incomes and rising needs.

So what other alternatives exist? At Cara Community Services we are committed to delivering value for money to our  charities, social and eco enterprises and not for profit organisations we work with. We believe that by re-configuring what they do and how they do it is the key to the long term sustainability of these sectors.

We can assist you by developing plans and options to tackle future business needs:

  • Developing emergency plans to cover areas drawing in external professional resources to assist and meet key needs and workloads.
  • Reduce dependency on direct workforce by outsourcing areas of work in a cost effective manner.
  • Creating apprenticeships as the Government may offer grants of up to £1,500 to smaller organisations offering apprenticeships to those aged between 16 and 24 years of age to bring in new and younger staff and benefit from Government grants.
  • Reviewing your HR practices and likely impact of reduced hours, job shares, working from home, stepping down, consultancy and contract working as options.
  • Reviewing remuneration packages attractiveness in the recruitment market.
  • Develop accreditations such as Investors In People (IIP) or Two Ticks (disability accreditation), or PQASSO increasing the organisations attractiveness to prospective candidates.

For Further information contact John@caracommunity.co.uk or telephone 01803852270. Our conversations are free and in strict confidenance.