Our People


We have a wide range of experienced staff and associates who are focused on providing a range of high quality services to the charitable,voluntary and social enterprise sectors. Our expertise covers the major issues in the built and natural environment in health, education, housing, welfare and care sectors so that we can deliver a comprehensive services.

We cover all the major areas that sustain and grow our organisations including Governance, Business Planning , Finance & Fundraising, Management & I T,  Risk Management , Service delivery, Human Resources, Property & Asset Management, Health & Safety for both large and smaller organisation.

We intend to offer considerable value with an emphasis upon costs, quality and performance in order to ensure our organisations suceed in a very competitive and ever changing environment.

We can assist with a wide range of new projects from inception to completion in both the built and natural environment. We are committed to Innovation in our sector to ensure that new services and developed and existing ones under funding threats are given the best chance of transforming.

For a free confidential conversation please contact john@caracommunity.co.uk or telephone 01803852270. We look forward to hearing from you.


Vacant – apply for position via our contact form page 


Vacant – apply for position via our contact form page 


We believe we can draw on tremendous expertise across the housing, care and charitable sectors whose details are available upon request.