Membership Benefits

What are the tangible benefits of being a Member of Cara Community Services ?

It is free to all charities and social enterprises.

We think each of our Members is unique and will take the time to get to know you in strict confidence so that we can target our help effectively.Our discussions are entirely free. We are friendly, responsive and helpful.We value our 1 to 1 relationship with our Members. It is well worth phoning or emailing us to chat over your organisational problems and see if we can help.  

We are mindful that our Members are mainly small organisations and the main motivation in joining is to reduce costs, whilst improving quality of services and performance. This is so that you can meet current challenges, raise new resources and prosper.

Many of our services such are `no-win-no fee` so organisations with little or no income  benefit.

We offer a wide range of free services to our membership.These vary from period to period as detailed on the website and include `Health Checks` and `Mangement Reviews `. 

We provide a range of Emergency Services. These reduce costs and can include low cost Interim Management or support from Office Angels to overcome that `crisis`.

We identify new resource opportunities tailored to our Members needs .We can formulate, test and implement Fundraising strategies, Business Plans or devise survival or merger/acquisation strategies. We can deliver on a range of specific new growth or transformation projects across housing,care and support services,health and environment.

We provide a wide range of advice and help at no cost. We have for example designed a major environmental project at no cost or recently assisted a small care organisation when its service collapsed due to staff vacancy.

We provide well researched free information bulletins on topics and areas of interest  in our Newsletters.

We provide Governance support for Trustees and assistenance to Senior Management on request. We provide an opportunity to learn, share experience, expertise and partnerships between members.

Most of all we aim to save our Membership money -One of our reasons for existing. Since charities work hard to raise funds it makes sense to spend every penny cautiously. Any priced services we provide detail all our costs and charges clearly agreed against any schedule of work up front so there are no hidden charges. Any services that we charge for are subject to our Confidentiality Policy and Terms and Conditions published on this website.

Our website contains a large directory of areas we can be of help in. Just click for example:

OUR SERVICES ( and just scroll through) we list Governance; Welfare Reform ;Interim Management & Office Angels; Outsourcing and Procurement;Transformation ;Property Services and New Build; Social Care and Housing Services etc.

NEW RESOURCES ( and just scroll through) we list Business Planning;Fundraising;Social Enterprises;Generating New Income; Leasing,New Build and Refurbishment;Asset transfers; and Public Sector Contracts etc. 

In all of the above we are seeking to either save you money or raise new resources for you. If the help you are loking for is not there just ask as we don`t have room for everything we can do and it may save you a tidy sum of money.

We seek to influence resource holders and regulators on behalf of our members.We seek to be an agent of positive change seeking to promote good practice and new ideas. We promote and implement equal opportunities.  

It is free to join -so why not -just fill in the Membership Form and return as require. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you wish to discuss any issue or have any  problems just contact or telephone 01803852270. Our conversation is free and confidential.