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Health & Social Care

The integration of Health & Social Care Provision over the next decade will provide numerous opportunities for new social enterprises to be created to address need in a holistic manner and reduce costs.

At Cara Community Services we are keen to support local authorities, CCGs and VCSE organisations to design, tender, commission or deliver creating new or re-modelling existing health and care services. Over the years the direction of travel can only increase creating more opportunities for organisations that tackle key health and social care issues in an innovative,flexible and low cost manner. We’re already beginning to see some excellent outcomes from this work with social value being used to address health inequalities and areas applying it more widely than health and care. Social Enterprise UK will be publishing a report on the work in April 2016..

The drivers for these changes will come from any appraisal of the healthcare system’s finances and set the tone for some honest discussions. Social enterprises can and are playing in delivering quality health and social care. There is already much amazing work that social enterprises are doing in health and care despite the doom and gloom that’s currently foreshadowing the sector. There are reasons to be positive, in spite of the cuts to health and social care. Social enterprises have and continue to run solvent businesses delivering high quality, innovative health and care. Just to highlight a handful:- since spinning out in 2011 offering community health care and a walk in centre Nottingham City Care Partnership now runs 65 NHS services; PossAbilities in Rochdale has just won a £6.5 million contract with Halton Council; and Public World is bringing the innovative Dutch Buurtzorg nursing model to the UK. So it can be done both locally and nationally.

At Cara Community Services we believe a range of proactive responses are required using business methods to address these concerns. That is why we are pioneering new and exciting models of health enterprise which encompass both health and social care needs as a way of re-educating people to engage with own health needs and stretch limited or reduced resources.

If you or your group have a project you wish to develop or require further information please contact John Brennan on   01803852270 or email;  for a free and confidential discussion