2) New Resources -Rationalize property assets

As a charity or voluntary group you may decide that in this `Age of Austerity` that you wish to discontinue a service or simply dispose of a property asset to raise much needed cash. You may also decide that you should rationalize your asset to ensure the most advantageous cost-benefit ratio is obtained.

We are happy to help you undergo a full process of `squeezing ` or `working these assets. We can also assist you obtain the maximum price for you or consider purchase for the market price and look to find a charitable end use for the asset from our wide range of contacts. This has a major benefit in that the assets are retained within the charitable sector and find a new purpose .

We are also happy to seek other charitable or social enterprise potential purchasers.


Please note we accept no responsibility for anyone relying upon the above (which is subject to changing circumstances & markets) and dispose of assets. To do so is entirely at your own risk .The above is simply given as a guide to the process and some of the detail involved. We recommend that readers obtain further professional advice & assistence prior to proceding on any purchase

For further information please contact John Brennan on 01803852270 or email john@caracommunity.co.uk for a free and confidential discussion.