4) New Resources -Public sector contracts

Bids for new or existing services in the public sector

Small and medium size charities face a number of disadvantages when seeking above. They cannot maintain large bid teams which are used to identify new opportunities and formulate competitive bids for a range of services across a wide range of need groups including elders, refugees, disability, substance misuse,mental health,domestic violence, homeless,minority groups or combinations of needs etc. Allied to such need groups are often other specialist bodies of knowledge on specific areas such as health and housing etc.

We can work with you identifying your business development objectives and seek new tendering opportunities on your behalf.

We can help you bid successfully by providing Cara (best friend) guidance and input into the commissioning process or providing resources to assist etc. We can assist in appraising biding opportunities;resolve problems,suggest innovations,provide model answers,check finances,and assist with presentations if required.

We can operate a day rate or subject to certain criteria a `no win-no fee` charge. There is no charge for simply talking to us about this service.