New Resources

newresourcesNew Resources is re-thinking your business.

In the `age of austerity` both social enterprises and charities will often have to `think again` in order to either survive or grow. So often if we ever had to start again we would never design our services to be as they are. So they need to continuously change -because our world certainly is going to over the next decade.

We believe each organisation will have to address fiscal discipline and look to review their business model to deliver more for less. So cost will be a key issue but also so will the need to maintain quality services. Expansion opportunities will also be created as will the need for new models of service delivery. The raising of new resources is linked to what current funders require and how new funders both public and private can be persuade to support your enterprises. Our ability to provide both entrepreneurial approaches and sound financial models improve your chances dramatically.

We offer a range of services which can assist you as follows:-
1) Critical friend review of your business plan making positive suggestions on how you can maximise your chances of success providing reports/presentations to trustees as required.
2) Researching your market position and oportunities charting the best pathways towards likely success in a competitive marketplace
3) Reviewing your cost base and making positive suggestions as to how to minimise
4) Identifying potential new sources of income to sustain your business
5) Intelligence gathering on competitors
6) Reviewing the current use of your asset bases projecting future requirements and suggesting plans of action
7) Seeking new sources/mixtures of funding streams for new initiatives/develpments
8) Re-configurating /remodelling services to meet reducing incomes
9) Developing new models of provision to meet changing needs such as Community Interest Companies or Social Enterprise models of provision
10) Replacement of parts of business with outsourcing to reduce cost base

It costs nothing to talk to us. Our conversations are in the strictest confidence and covered by both our confidentiality agreement & Terms of Business as displayed on this website.

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