4) Survival, Merger & Acquisition planning

Survival, Mergers & Acquisitions planning.

In the current climate for Charities and Social Enterprises there will be some tough choices for many  to survive under the pressures of reduced resources and rising costs. If your organisation wishes to simply survive and thrive or ambitiously expand to meet the needs of your clients, customers or service users then perhaps we can be helpful.

We are happy to help. We can draw up specific plans or options. We can act as a `critical friend` looking at your own future plans or researching for you in the strictest confidence. At the end of the journey we want you to be happy with the destination. At Cara Community Services we can help you steer through the governance and management requirements to make a Survival, Merger or Acquisition project successful. For different kinds of organisations there are different requirements and pathways to success but the basics remain the same.

The key as always is good governance and clear leadership. A focus is required on your organization`s purpose and values and how to achieve them in the current climate of diminishing resources and rising needs. Top down informed commitment is required from all within the organisation to address these future challenges. Long term strategic and financial implications should be considered with scenario testing of the robustness of the business model and associated risks. A robust business case for the preferred option and strict timetable should be established.

The key relationships are critical to success. We can help facilitate and support these. The journey may well begin with a form of alliance or partnership with possible sharing of resources and costs. It may lead to several destinations with geographical or `specialism` being shared between the organisations or consortiums.  It may involve shared resources or joint biding for funding. It may end with a full amalgamation or even an amicable `separation` after the agreed objectives of the relationship have been agreed.

We have considerable body of knowledge and experience to draw upon across a wide range of areas which will help you to succeed in whatever choice you make. We can `step-in` at short notice and provide Management Support allowing your organisation to `pause` and consider its future direction. We can work with trustees and senior management on  a specific project or  variety of business critical issues. We can provide confidential advice;conduct assessments & investigations;carry out talks or mediations; etc.

So if you would like us to provide a tailor made package for you organisation, arrange specific training or simply discuss the issues please contact us.

Our discussions are free and as always confidential.

Please contact John Brennan on 01803852270 or email john@caracommunity.co.uk.

We would be delighted to hear from you.