3) Establishing & Evaluating Business Plans

Business plans are an essential tool when seeking public, private or charitable funding.

They involve a process of research, consideration, challenge and sensivity testing to establish whether or not a business proposal is likely to be successful.They are often written by `insiders` often senior managers who can sometimes benefit from a `third` eye or wish to draw upon the knowledge and experience of an external party to ensure the plans are as robust as possible.

We can be of major assistence either independently supplying a plan with your co-operation, leading the process within your organisation or simply assisting you come to the right decisions. We can carry out market research,interview stakeholders,test proposals or simply provide an opinion. We can look at the risks involved, assist with an `exit strategy`,identify strengths and weakness or provide an independent evaluation for trustees,funders or other interested parties.

Depending on your services/sector we can work with your staff/trustees /stakeholders to  clarify your mission and set key objectives translated down into individual targets so that the business plan is a `living ` document which helps your business develop and continuously improve reaching  key milestones. This demonstrates to funders and stakeholders that resources are utilised to maximum benefit.

Whilst there are differnt formats and approaches the majority of business plans have a set of contents which generally include:

1) Excutive Summary
2) Services provided & location
3) Research & Market analysis
4) Competitors
5) Your Personal
6) Admin & Legal
7) Policies
8) Your Market Strategy/Pricing
9) Budgets & Cashflow
10) Risk Mapping
11) Appendics

An independent evaluation would provide comfort to funders/stateholders but could not guarantee the plans success.

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