Getting it right

It is not easy yet sounds so simple. The running of any group or charitible body in a myrid of forms requires some structure and organisation. Here we can help utilising our extensive experience to ensure your organisation does not fall down the pitfalls or gets out when it does.

We believe good governance & good management is the key to a successful organisation. There are countless publications and helful sources but often what is needed is an `hands -on ` friendly approach which seeks to provide some assistance when needed. We can provide that in a cost effective way.

We can help with the recruitment and selection of new trustees & senior managers; the training of trustees & senior managers with regard to their obligations and responsibilities; the structure and format of meetings;the provision of  a package of good governance documents including core constitutions and standing orders; financial and risk management; staff management and training ; health & safety etc. We can provide mentoring and support for trustees or senior members of staff to ensure they reach their full potential.

We can `step-in` at short notice and provide interim management allowing the organisation to `pause` and consider its future direction. We can work with trustees and senior management on new business plans or a variety or key policies or procedures that are business critical. We can provide confidential advice;conduct internal investigations;carry out mediations; etc.

So if you would like us to provide a tailor made package for you organisation, arrange specific training or simply discuss the issues please contact us. Our discussions are free and as always confidential. Please contact John Brennan on 01803852270 or email