3) Community Empowerment- The Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Many funders now require an independent assessment of SROI as a means of ensuring their funding has a maximum impact.  Also charities and social enterprises also wish to demonstrate to all stakeholders that they provide both value for money and also values from money. SROI is a means to demonstrate just that.

SROI was developed from social accounting and cost benefit analysis. It is distinct from other approaches as it places a monetary value on outcomes. These are added up given a value and compared to the investment made to provide a ratio. We can conduct a range of assessments for the housing, health and care sectors all linked if required to a range of organizations of specific projects.

There is an appetite among all types of funders to understand and compare the impact their funding has upon needs mainly from an economic and social perspective. We are particularly interested `combined` impacts covering both capital and revenue investment but also the environmental impact as part of our commitment to `green` issues.

We follow the basic principles of SROI including involving stakeholders; evidencing changes; value relevant material outcomes; demonstrate transparency and provide an independent verification of the account. We believe that in this way we demonstrate to all stakeholders and funders the true value of your work; we examine positive and negative outcomes; we collect useful quality information; we consider the best optimal partnerships for you to follow; and future work streams. We will provide a retrospective analysis of any project once in operation and utilizing your key Indicator data. We can also provide an assessment of the likely impact of any new project you may be planning or seeking funding for.

We can also provide an assessment of SROI based on your Business Plan and make recommendations for further improvements. This helps organizations account for their achievements whilst also linking into competitive procurement or fundraising for new resources.

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