8) Community Empowerment- Social Eco – enterprise solution


All communities need solutions to a wide range of problems.Sometimes the answer to environmental ,social, health or educational need are not only inter-related but on the doorstep.One such example is an environmental project we have worked on. This tackles several key issues identified from research into a local Councils analysis of its needs. We devised an answer with an independent solution in an eco-enterprise that will assist both local people with education, employment,leisure and recreation, health and social care whilst tackling climate change and benefiting the natural environment.

1) This pilot project is rooted in a local community.
It utilizing natural resources and generates new local jobs particularly for young people. It will become a major beacon attraction. Located in a beautiful location the project seeks to reconnect visitors with the natural world, explain the geology and ecology of the area, celebrates life through a range of on-site attractions, activities, education, and unique facilities. It offers a practical response to climate change by utilizing natural products in construction, at home, in work, at leisure.

2) It will inspire all generations.
Our climate and natural environment played a vital part in this nation`s history. We demonstrate that it can again by providing much of what we need for sustainable low carbon living. Equally we seek to engage all generations in the `great outdoors` by providing a range of activities and adventures ; developing hobbies and interests and assisting people develop a healthy lifestyle and new heritage craft careers working with nature.

3) It is exceptional value for money.
For a total capital investment the proposal is to build a Geology block, Ecology block, Educational facility, Exhibition area and 3 nature /woodcraft workshops alongside a Café, Shop and Garden Centre .There is tented accommodation on site for 80 people. The capital budget includes iconic wood buildings . Additional costs include circa 40 acre site ; site works, facilities fit out, `start-up`  / cash flow funding and small contingency. There is a team available with the expertise to deliver this project.

4) It is a sustainable eco-enterprise. The revenue income is generated from day ticket entertainment sales to tourist visitors, retail mixed spend, accommodation & educational services, and natural/woodland products and activities.

5) It is affordable.
The all weather facilities are designed for families, individuals or educational visits.  For visitor’s entry is priced at £7 per adult or child with entry to the Geology Block, Ecology Block, Exhibitions, and 10 daily activities. The low entry charge, free car parking and family friendly spaces induce further retail or activities spending.

6) We maximize job creation.
Subject to growth we utilizes the funders capital to create within 5 years 100 posts staffing at a cost of £1K per post per year over 30 year span of project. In `start-up` phase at only 33% site visitors capacity it creates immediate 10 full time posts (with  further  self employed opportunities), 100 X volunteering placements for work experience and educational opportunities for young people. Additional jobs and business `spin-off`s ` will be created locally.

7) It protects the environment.
It addresses the need to address climate change ; it demonstrates economic and social value of sustainably managed natural woodlands; it boosts local business by promoting eco tourism; it promotes renewable natural materials; it contributes to bio-life sciences with research/field studies/educational opportunities.

8) It is profitable.
Even with low 2nd year trading target visitor of 100 per day or @ 30,000 per season- well below figures for local attractions and site capacity of 300 customers per day. Income predictions are modest. We have conducted a full graded Risk Assessment and a `Sensitivity Analysis` on customer number/budgets calibrating income to costs with positive results.

9) The financial goal is self –financing.
In 3 years with working capital/reserves in 2018/19.

10) We maximize positive impacts.
By partnership working, knowledge sharing and disseminate results. We have conducted the Socio-Economic Impact Assessment and Social Return on Investment (SROI) on this project with positive results.

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